Tuesday, 3 September 2013



                                    DREAM  GIRL…

YOU ALL KNOW THAT,,,LOVE is a more preciouse and gifted one for all of you in this world,,,,
It comes like an acciedent,, and Sweeps your heart & took it away

Yes,,,,, This has happen dto my,,,,, Im going to tell you guyzz,,, That what happened to me in the past few Months,,,,,,
It has been before Four months,,,,

Im Studing in a one of the most popular College,,,, All students of my college & also my buddys All are from a more wealthy family they all lives a luxurious life & being sooo morden,,,, But for me,,, Im not luxurious, I don’t Have much money, Comes to college By Bus, Ofcourse Im the only guy Who is from a  Normal life style family….

But I don’t know that I have blessed,, to get a seat in that luxurious college,,, But im sure Im not blessed,,, Bcz they all have richy & trendy life,,, But I don’t have it,,,, Even Though Im looking Bit  Smart & Neat, Well talkative, mean 

My biggest Demand is MONEY MONEY MONEY,,,,

Ya this is  MY day to day life,,,,But  Its Getting Prity Boaring to Run the Life,,, Bcz I don’t have a Single Friend,,, they all Don’t likes me,, If I get into the College,,, From the morning Till he evening I’ll Be Single,, Rome Here & there,,,

One day I just got Mad Decision over them,, bcuz they all having car,bike, Overthan that they all having three to Four Girls As their Lovers,,,,, But I did’nt having a Single men as my buddy…. For Doing all this kind Of Work I need money,,,, I feel Sad…
My life turns more Saddy,,,,,,,

It’s a one Fine Sunday,,,, I put my phone, which is connected with FB,,

Im watching a Intrested Cini In tv,,, Suddenly I heard a Chat Sms Sound From my phone,,

I took My phone a See Who it is,,,
Aft see it I got A Jwelles Glow in my Face,,, Ya it’s a Txt From A unknown person Who has A name that.. VARSHU,,,

Varshu : Hi,,,,,,

Me : Hi,, May I knw who it is,,,???

Varshu : im your Frnd,,,,

Me,, frnd,,,?? I dnt knw any one in The name  of You,,,

Varshu : So wat u dnt take me as your frnd uh,,???

Me : ya Sure,,, Im Vishwa,,!!

Varshu : nice name,!

Me : tankz,,, So is that ur Full name uh,,??

Varshu :  No its my pet name,, My name is VARSHANTHI PRIYA,,!!

Me :  Name Looks Cute,,,,!

Varshu : tank u,,,!! & hey I just Forget to tell u that,,, u looking 
Nice in ur Profile pic,,,

Me : hey,,, u just kidding me,,,!!!!

Varshu : hey true Man,,, I just like it..!!

Me : tankzz.. & u also More Beautyfull…  ( Aft Send this txt ,,,, I just click the like button & Cmnted that  “Sooooo Cute”  On his pro pic… )  Ya She is Sooo Gadgious to see…..

Varshu : Tank u… (Aft that she likes The Cmnt that I have txted)

 Me : sooo,,,, tell abt u…!!!!

Varshu : Im a KLN college CSE first year student,,,Lives in madurai,,,!!

Me : Ohhh,,, Hw cute me also in Madurai,,, Studing First year EEE in Velammal colg,,,!!! Which Area u are???

Varshu : frm KK.nagar
Me : oh,,,! Im Frm TVS nagar,,,!!!

Varshu: k bye,,, mom calls me,,, & So im leaving,,,,!!! Catch u tmorw  Bye TC,,,!!!!

Me : Hey Wait,,,??

Me : u Der ??????????

Me : k Bye,,,,,,, Gud ni8,,, have lovely Dreamz,,

From there I just Paniced,,, that idon’t know who She is,,,,,,

Aft Finished my dinner,,,, I fell In the bed,,,, Feel Sooo  tied but Doesn’t Sleeeping,,,,  My Heart Continuesly Bounces the Question that Who Shee is,,,,,,, its getting 11.30 im Just like who is varsha varsha varhsa,,,????

I don’t know when I have slept,,, Aft wakeing up I See its been morning,,,,

 I take a Slip of Coffee,, And preparing For Collge…
Aft getting to college goes to Class Room,,, And start thinking Abt varshu,,,,,!!!  Its ntng strike abt her….

Its Been Evening I just get back to home,,,!!!
Aft  getting Refreshed……

Just took my mobile,, And loging Into FB,,,!!!

Aft Loged my Eyes Directly goes to chat box & searchng For Varshu,,,,

I saw that she didn’t Come…..
My face turns to Saddy,,, I put my Phone Down and Switch the tv on,,!!

Few minutes passed I got a Sound from Mobile,,,, Expressively took my phone And see it finally it’s an SMS frm my School Frnd Viky,,, Again Sadly Rply to him Hi,,,,
Its getting a Small Conversation Between us,,, Suddenly my phone gives a small vibration,, So I just finish the Cinversation With Him,,, Swip my phone to FB with a geolus face,,, I Saw there My chat box Poped up With An Msg… Suddenly get into the Chat box,,, Ya its an msg frm varshu,,,,

Varshu : Hi,,

Me : Hru….???

Varshu : Ya fine…. & Sorry toooo..!!!

Me : Yyyyyy….. fr Wat..???

Varshu : yesturday My moms came & Distubed us,,,,

Me : its ok leave it,,,

Varshu : Sorry,,,,,,,

Me : ok… varshu I just want to tell one thing,,,!!!!

Varshu : wat…???

Me : Yesturday I didn’t Sleep well,, today I didn’t Study well,,, this 
all bcus of u,,,,,, I loves to speek with u every time,,,, Bcuz u take 
Wit me not only like a frnd its Much more,,,,, sooooooooo,,,,,,,

Varshu : sooooooooo……????

Me : I need your Mobile number,,,,, Will u give me that,,,,?????

Me : hey varshu,,,,,,,,?????

Me : u der…?????

Me : hey sry For asked…..????

Varshu : 9626598039 …….

Me : tankzzz…. Tank u sooooooo Much…..!!!!!!

( from there our Conversation changes Through mobile )

Suddenly I took my phone and Dialled to her…..
 Its Ringing,,,, Aft Four rings,,, She tooks up,,,,,,,

Me : Hh Hh Hai,,,, varshu,,,,!!!!
Varshu : hi vishwa,,,,!!!!

She Had A very  beautifull voice…….
Im just talking a lot…. But She speaks a little,,, I just Ask to her,,,

Why Don’t you speak to me,,, in Chatting you just spoke aloooooot and kiddes me too Much,,, But why Not nowww,,,,,,????

She just Replys With A husky voice that,,,,  Nthng It’s 1st time to Speak With u knw,,!!! So only,,,!!!!!
Its getting a long conversation,,,!!!!!
Day to Day Frm the mrng to till the ni8 We talked Wit Each other….

It’s a month passed,,,, I fell I Love With her,,,, I hope That I also got a princess To make love,,,,

 One day its getting a love Conversation between us,,,!!!!!!

At the first time She only Clamis the Ques that  “Hey Vishwa,,,, Did u love any one”
I got shocked,,, She Shoutted ‘helloooo’ vishwa Are u der’…..
I replye Wat…. She says tht im askimg Did u love any one,,,,,!!!

I just Replyed Wit a husky vioce that,,,, “Yes im in Love……..!!!!
 She Exclaimed that “ WAWooooo Cute man,,,, Explaine about Your Dream Angel”…….!!!!!!

I Says that “ ya ofcourse…!!! She looks Like More & much beatiful princess…. She had a very beautifull voice…… but I Did’nt propouse to her yet,,!!!!!

She says “Wat….???? Till you did’nt Propouse to her uh,,,????
Thn She Comes to Advice me to “go  Quickly and propouse to her man,,,,”
I just rply to her OK…….!!!!!

 Aft Somedays passed Away,,,,,!!!!
But Every She told me to go and propous to her,,,,,,,,,!!!!!
But one day shee scared me that “ Go and propouse to her otherwise anybudy will propo before you man”

 I got “Shocked” I replyed wih her that Ok…. I’ll propouse To her….

 She tolds that that’s Gud Do it immediately,,,!!!!!!

I told her that ok,,,, but Before that I want to tell u something varshu,,!!!!

She panicly asks me that “What…????”

I got nerversed,,,,,, then I got guttzz to propouse To her,,,, I nerversely Speeks to her that,,, “VARSHU ‘I’ ‘I’ I…………..

Suddenly I Heard a the beep Sound,,,,  “helooo varshu… helooo” Aft See the my Phone wat happened mean,,,,, Bullshiitt “my mobile gets out of Charege So its switched off”
Soo I run to my room and searching for the charger….!!! Searchng here & there….. finally I got it….

I just go and pluge the charege and put my Mobile in charge,,,,,
And then I switch it ‘ON’…….
And I make a call to her……. Its Ringing I imagine that don’t let her to Speak any thing just propouse her with a un expectness,,,,,, Finally She picks up…..

I told her that “ Varshu I HAVE TOLD U THAT I LOVES TO SPEAK WITH YOU EVERYTIME KNW,,, SO UNFORTUNATELY “I JUST FALL IN LOVE  WITH YOU,,,,!!! Ya I LOVE YOU VARSHU,,,  WILL YOU MARRIE ME,,,,,!!!! Wat u say……….!!!!! Comes to Ans me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

But Suddenly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,   

“My Charger got Sparked,,,,,, And My mobile Blast While im speaking,,,,”

   I fall down… And become Un consious,,,,,!!!!!!

My family Adimite me in an hospital……
By tommorow She start texted me that,,,,,,,!!! “ Call me Vishwa,,,,,, or pick my call… I  want to talk To you…!!!!!!

I saw the msg and start crying……
All over I txted to her that,,,,!!!!!

For that She gentlely Rplys that…..
( I have called &  txted u for,,, saying you that,,,,  I DIDN’T HAVE ANY LOVE AFFAIRE ON YOU,,,,, I’LL TAKEING YOU AS MY FRIEND ONLY,,,,,,)   

How She has a heart to tell like this,,,, She just gentely says that I will be frnd of you,,,,,!!!!
But “I lost my hearing sense & My life also for her……”

                                                   JEY KUMAR,,


Tuesday, 27 August 2013


                                                GIRLS ARE ANGELS (or) DEVILLS

Why am I asking this mean........

           It has been two months before,,,,, One of my best Buddy named Karthick..... He is a good looking guy,,, Having cute Face, lengthy Eyebrows,, Sharp EYES,, Bubbly chins, Although He Looks Like a Smart One.....

          But,,,,, his minus point is, He’s Huge Shy type Guy,,,, He Flees Pretty Good,, When he Talks With us,,, But he Feels Shy When A girls Had talk.. Not to him,, if any girl talks to us means ,, He Feels Shy and Lay his heads Down & turn to  other Side........ He is The only  guy who’s having no Girlfriend in our gang,,,,

              The Days Have been Passed,,,,,,, One Day its Been A Evening Time,,,, We Guys Getting to gatherer In a Coffee Shop...
He Came and Site Near To Me,,, With a Little Bit Of Shivering And Having a Lots of happiness In his face,,,, We all  are excites
and ask To Him What Happens Dude,,, He Answers With a Guilty Smile,,,, That,,,,,,,,,

            Guys I was Just Walking On the Right End of The Road,,,,, It’s been The Sky Looks Rainy & been  a Little fog,,, the Dust and sand Makes my visible Rough,,, alto ugh I can saw the Bus stop Little Far to Me,, I Close My eyes With My Hands,,
And atlast I reached the Stop,,,
It’s been Little Clear Vision to me,,,,, I Saw an  ANGEL who wear A blue chudi and Stands in the bus stop... She’s looking More Beautiful,, & She just tried to fold the umbrella which fly in The Foggy air,,, ‘I; i just stand in the left Conner of the bus stop and look at that What she is doing,,,

She has a very very Beautiful face,,, I saw More than 100 Expressions in one Minute On Her face,,, My two eyes are Not Enough For Me To See I need much more than that,, i just feel like fly in a the Sky with out Any feathers.......

For the First time I just saw a girl with out any shyness,,, I just want to talk to her,,,,, I step up near to her with a goose in My body and stand near to her,,,I want To talk to her but My Words struck ed in my trout,,, But i speak with a Husky Sound that EX-CUSE me,,,!! For That she turns towards me,, At there I saw Her Eyes Closely,, Suddenly Thousands Of lightnings Flashes On the TOP - BOTTOM of me,,,, She asks Me that in a Lovely Voice ‘YA WHAT DO U WANT’ this is the First word which she Speaks to me,,,, Again she speaks ‘HELLOooo’ I i just wake and saw her wit a quote exclamation,,,, again she Asks that hello what Do u want,,, I just Replayed to Her That,,,, “Hi I am Karthick,, Could You Please tell Me When Will The Bus Come To This Stop,, She Replays that ya i have been Waiting Here For An 15 mins,,, I just Guess That With In Few Minutes the Bus Will Come,,, With a Polite Simile I reply ed the “THANKZZZzzz”....

 With in ten minutes the Bus has arrived In the Stop,,, I Didn’t see Which Bus It is,, And Where it will Go,, I just step in to the Bus,, only because,, she Get-On Into the Bus,,, Aft a few minutes travel,, She Get-down in a Stop.. so i also Step Down,, I Just planned To Follow her,,, I Don’t Know Which Place & Which Area it is I just Seeing her only,,, I started Follow her,,,, I just hide By the wall by wall And follows her Quietly,,, She just Walk like peacock With a polite walk..  I Till Follow Her,, Aft a few steps she Reach her  house,,, she opens the gate And Walk In to the house,,, I stand near to  the gate she wen ts to the home,, And Now I come Back normal and See’s this home I Have Ever Seen Before,,, Suddenly I Turns Back and I surprised that I saw My home There,,,, Ya She Lives In the Opp site House of Mine,,,

I got More Excitements,,, By the Day After I started notice Her & I just Fall in “LOVE ON HER”,,,, Day-Day From the morning Till the Night I Saw her Complete Activities,,, Like Wise She also noticed me,,,, Two days Passed,, During the Evening time,,,, its a Little Autumn & Cloudy Climate,,, I just Walk in the Road,,, i saw her Opposite to me,,, She Just Walk Towards Me And Ask Me that Your Name is karthick Right,,, I said,, Ya,,,,, ya,,, Im Karthick,, & You,,,?? She Takes My Right Hand,, with Her Right hand,,, Shakes & say  “Hi Karthick,, Im Priya” By there I Comes To Know That Here Name is Priya,,, She asks That,, Why are you Saw Me By Every Second and Every minute,,,, And i Don’t know What To Say,,, I just panic,,, then she Says We’ll Be Friends,,, what You Say,,,,? “I i just Insipidly Said Ya sure” By Days Passed We Become Very Close That Ever,,, i Just  search   For a Perfect time to Express My Love To Her,,, Even though She is always With me I cant Propose To Her,,,, I know she likes me very Well Because She Holds Hands,, Where Ever We go she lays on my shoulder & keep my hands on her hands only ,,, So I Just Waiting For to Say her Love to me,,, I’ m Just Deadly,, Madly Waiting For that moment,, it’s been passed Two- three Days,,,, I’ve planned To say this amazing Things To My Friends so Only I’ ve Ask U Guys to Come Here,,,,

So Now My Friends a Express Their Wishes & Congrats To Me,,  and they Mold me to Propose to here today.....

so As they Said I come Know that I have to tell my Love,,,,,
and so i took my Mobile and make a Call To her,,,

Me: “Hi priya’ Where Are You,,,,,
Prya: Ya,,,, I’m With my Friend I cant See You Now,, may Night time I Can.....
Me: Oh..... Its k Ill See U In the Night,,, & I just Want to tell U Something Sp cl Today....
Prya: Oh,,, Its alright Put it off Bye......

I Just Feel More happy,,,,, And I Lay In a Dream World,,,,,
I offed my Friends to Order any thing In the Coffee Shop & make them happy,,,,,,,

aft a few Minutes I just Wish to go for the Wash room,,,,,
 So I just Step up to there,,,,,,,

“The Coffee Shop Is in To Part of rooms,,, We are sitting in the Front,,, but the rest room is in Another part,,, So i just Move towards there,,, On The Next  part of the Shop “I SAW THE SHOCKING SCEN THAT MY ANGEL IS SITTING WITH THE SOME OTHER STRANGER PERSON AND,,,,,,,,,,,,, THEY MAKE “LIPLOCK” WITH EACH OTHER,,,!!! My Heart is Broken there,,,,,,,, And I feel Deadly Pain,,, I just Step out Of the Shop,,  and Get Back to Home,, And make my Room lock,, And i cry’s Allot,,,,,,,,,,,,Why they are Likes this,, ‘Boys Are  ready to Give their Life For Their Loved Ones,,,                                “But Girls,,,??????????”

 Sooo I Comes To know that “ THE GIRLS ARE ___________”

        “ WHETHER IT IS 'ANGELS’ (or) ‘DEVIL’S’ ”  
I m Not Saying all the Girls are like This “I AM JUST SAY THE GIRLS WHO ARE DO LIKE THIS”

                                                                                     jeya kumar,,